Saturday, September 6

Blue Fantasy Blog Hop

Pine Ridge Treasures - Blue Fantasy Blog Hop - September 6th, 2014

Between keeping up the house, having summer guests, preparing for one craft sale after another and working full time at the university, I have had the worst time getting back to my beading.  When I finally caught the fever…beading fever…the beautiful blue of the beads that Lisa Lodge provided in the Blue Fantasy kit made it easy to design one item after another!  
Soon I had three pieces done, but, inspired by each of their individual styles I added a pair of earrings to polish off the threesome.   I started to put the remaining beads away but that revealed enough components and crystals for a bracelet which was the Pièce de résistance to add to the set.
The inspiration, excitement, and fun of the design process was over and I had much to admire.  For a week these pieces lay limp within the beading tray where they were born.  I’d get home from work and after dinner sit at my bead table and look at these very wearable pieces and start wondering how I could best photograph them.

I will admit, photography is not something I like doing or know what I’m doing and the challenge to get the job done was looming over me.  I have a simple “point and shoot” camera of which I would simple click away and hope for the best and mostly I was disappointed with the results.  

So it was with intimidation that I stepped through the process of photographing, downloading, cropping and framing the first round of pictures.  I dubbed the results ugly, uglier and ugliest and swiftly deleted each one!   
Having a bad picture of something so beautiful is not only disappointing but it ruins the entire experience.  After my first photos were such a flop I felt that I wasted the day, hated photography and certainly didn't want to do the whole process over again! 
But, I did do it again…a week later…armed with a bit more knowledge after doing some research online.  Do I use plain backgrounds, colors or white, designs or textures?  Do I stage the pieces with a bust, old wood, antiques, or lace?  I “listened” to some of the tips I read on Facebook such as only taking pictures on a sunny day and using filtered light.  This time I approached my task as an experiment to see what works and what doesn't in the world of photography.
I took pictures in shade and sun, indoors by a window, outdoors under a tree, draped on a flower or branch. The images revealed lessons about light, shadow, texture, and color. This Blog Hop ended up teaching me more about taking useful pictures rather than an outlet to show off the creation of the jewelry.
I’m satisfied that my determination seemed to pay off with photos that provide color and shine and show off each piece in a fun, outdoorsy way.  They also add a bit of the beauty of nature into your lives which is what inspires me to create the jewelry!

Thanks to Lisa Lodge for the wonderful components and the opportunity to take a break from my typical routine to explore, create and discuss my newest passion of jewelry making! To see what the other designers created with their Blue Fantasy kit, check out the links below:
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From an Open Heart said...

Wonderful job with both the jewelry and the photography. Some of the pics look like they are taken underwater - so fab. My favortite is the last picture with the clamshell necklace set. Awesome!

Karin G said...

Your creations are absolutely lovely and your determination paid, I love your last photograph, it looks as if it was taken under water and goes perfectly with the pieces shown!

Becky Pancake said...

Hi Jill, Kudos to you for sticking with the photorgraphy lessons. I find the ones on the mossy rock the most pleasing. The pics draped on the large bloom also work well to show your beautiful designs. The ones one the grapevines are too busy and they distraction from your jewelry. The first set of your jewelry is my favorite. I do like all three sets.

Jo-Ann said...

Beautiful. Love the clam shell necklace with the pop of red.

Cornerstoregoddess said...

I think that last photo worked the best. It's hard to get the focus where you want it if there's a lot going on in the background. But what cool backgrounds you have!

Ann Schroeder said...

Pretty pieces. I really love the last one with those little red flowers that pop!

Lisa Knappenberger said...

Beautiful pieces. I really love the last necklace. Great job. Thanks for sharing.

Pine Ridge Treasures said...

Yay! That is quite a lovely collection of blue jewelry! I love the clamshell necklace. Great job in trying new photography set ups. I always struggle with photos. Thanks for being in the hop!

Veralynne Malone said...

Great work! Photographing is really hard, and I subscribe to several photo blogs that have challenges and such so that I can do better with my pictures. You did a great job and I truly love all your pieces. I would be hard pressed to have to choose one!